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Linux Bluetooth mouse

June 8th, 2016

So one day I grew tired of mouse wireless adapters and bought an bluetooth mouse.
And it was great, I was able to get rid of the adapter, everything worked fine.

Till one day I decided to reinstall my system and things stopped working …
the mouse was listed as connected in the graphical tools but it was not working.

After an hour of digging web I found a stackoverflow question with a suitable answer for me,
the problem was fixed … till next time I decided to reinstall system.
This time I could not find the SO thread, and I spent few hours searching for it.

And one morning I decided to fix it myself :) I did remember the trick was to use two
different tools to power down and up the internal bluetooth device.
With a little experimentation I came up with this small fix:

bluetoothctl <<<"power off"
sudo hciconfig hci0 up

Then go to graphical tool, remove the mouse, add it again with the usual flow and it works this time.

I’m writing this down for myself to never forget it again :)
P.S. if you happen to find this thread and the SO thread – leave me a comment – I’m happy to link it here.

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