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Linux did 1234567890 seconds past 1970′

February 14th, 2009

That’s not so important for our development and live,  but as always interesting dates get our attention, todays date will have interesting representation as seconds since start of 1970 year.

1234567890, that showed to me when I have entered the following command and waited a while before  2009-02-14 00:20

while [ $((1234567890 – $(date +%s))) -ge 0 ]; do sleep 1s; clear; date +%s; done

Of course You need to know that Linux is counting time as seconds since begun of year 1970.

Thanks to polish linux blip community for remembering me this very important fact.

Quick update from polish rails blip community, the date for ruby was the same when converting to integer:



Good to hear that not only Linux is affected by this issue.

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