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compiling and running sax2 on gentoo

January 11th, 2009 2 comments

While using gentoo I get lot of knowleadge of linux internals, i’m very happy of that. But one aspect of this makes me unhappy : X server configuration. While I was using OpenSuSE I get to know SaX2 tool which just configured my X server. Thats how I have thought about getting it run at my gentoo box.

Instruction on how it can be build can be found there: instructions, unfortunatelly folowing them i found few problems so I write my own instruction bellow:

sudo -s 
emerge -1q hwinfo Xinerama
mkdir /root/sax2 && cd /root/sax2
rm -f "./sysp/lib/pci/lib/config.h"
touch svnbuild
make install

And thats all folks, now I was able to configure my video card with no special knowledge of modelines or whatever is needed to write xorg.conf files

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