Michal Papis CV

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Name: Michal Papis
Born: 1980, Poland
- mpapis@niczsoft.com
- mpapis@gmail.com

On me (I):
- have family: wife, son and twin daughters
- like the truth
- like to make code better
- do understand code
- know yaml (see this CV)

Time line (I do):
1996: use linux
1999: write software
2003: coordinate team
2004: IT consulting
2007: write ruby code
2008: create ruby on rails apps
2009: write own blog
2011: core team of RVM and SM projects

Achievements (I did):
- configured and managed many Linux servers (few still available)
- wrote few deployments using Capistrano (some quite big), Rake & SM deploy extension
- wrote a lot of small rails apps mostly just for evaluation
- helped on few rails projects
- also a lot of other things: Assembler, C/C++, C#, Delphi, Java, SQL and so on.

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