Michał Papis

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Michal Papis owner of NICZ SOFT, born 1980.07.19 in Szczecin, Poland.

Mostly involved in software development and system administration. His adventure with computers started in 1993 with Atari at home and some older PC’s at school.

Even graphical environments ware taking bigger and bigger share in user interfaces he was fascinated in shell, first DOS with Norton Commander and other tools, next with Linux. After many years of work with MS Windows and gaining quite deep knowledge of it he decided to drop it in 2004 in favor of Linux first Mandrake and later on openSuSE. In this time he had already experience in areas of software development like Delphi, Java, C/C++. In 2008 Michal started his adventure with Ruby and Rails.

His choose of Linux was motivated by it’s shell and possibilities of configuration/modification of the OS. This was part of his fascination in automation of all sorts of tasks. As part of this fascination in 2011 Michal joined core teams of two great projects RVM and SM.

Currently Michal is involved in cooperation with Consileon Poland, in spare time he plays with his children (Son Dominik is 9 and Twin daughters Agata and Ada are 6) and at nights he is hacking to make the world a better place.

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