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Deep associations in rails activerecord

May 22nd, 2010

Some time ago I wrote about complex associations, now time to add another method and corrections.

First the finder_by_sql, in that particular case It was necessary to add

:readonly => true

So the code looks now like this:

  has_many :roles, 
    :readonly => true, 
    :finder_sql => '
SELECT roles.name FROM roles
INNER JOIN responsibilities ON roles.id = responsibilities.role_id
INNER JOIN assigments ON responsibilities.group_id = assigments.group_id
WHERE assigments.user_id = #{id}
GROUP BY roles.id

There is one realy big downside of using finder_sql – it does not work with find_by_… or named scopes, so this forced me to continue searching and this is the result:

  def roles
       :joins => { :responsibilities => { :group => { :assigments => :user } } },
       :conditions => {"users.id" => id},
       :group => "roles.id"

and now I can write:


where by_name is an named scope

  named_scope :by_name, lambda { |type| {:conditions => [ "roles.name = ", type.to_s ] } }
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