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git quick start

March 5th, 2010

Lately I’m using quite often very similar path for work with git, to not loose it with time, and of course to return my few bits to community I put my links here.

So my path of usage is

  1. Setting up private git repository – I use my own server for trial projects, instructions for windows/github follow bellow,
  2. Pushing & Pulling sources with remote git server – my instruction covers cloning remote repo but not connecting it with working sources, this instruction seams to cover it quite good,
  3. How to use git the right way, as it is not so clear how to use git with branches, remote branches, merging, or overall project flow – I find this instruction quite good source of knowledge

If you use Windows or you are interested in hosting open source project then github.com should be worth trying with the following instruction: use github on windows.

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