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Preparing Ruby on Rails environment – netbeans

January 25th, 2009 4 comments

In previous steps we have configured ruby and apache, now time to get development environment, there is wide range of tools but we will use Netbeans as it is … quite good.

So on beginning please download Netbeans, please go to it’s download site and get “C/C++” or “PHP” version – they are smaller from the ruby version, we need to update the environment after download so we would download many components again.

After download run the Netbeans installation, it is very simple so just follow the on screen instructions. When Netbeans is installed please run it and go to Tools Menu -> Plugins, there select available plugins and select:

  • Ruby and Rails
  • Ruby Extra Hints
  • Extra Ruby Color Themes

Do not install “Glasfish” or “JRuby” this is needed only for JRuby development which is not production ready, as some people think.

Additionally to installation You can perform update of the installed plugins in the Updates tab, after update and installation Netbeans will ask You to do restart to activate newly installed plugins, please follow it’s instructions.

When we have installed required plugins we can check that Netbeans sees our ruby installation, go to Tools Menu -> Ruby Platforms, here you will see yours ruby installations and it’s configuration, If you do not see any platform go threw the wizard under button Add Platform.

This is the development environmnet, in next part we will start a new project with it.

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